Mr Elliott - Essex
Great job from start to finish and I will certainly be using them again if the need arises.

Mr Saxton- London
Really impressed with the finished building work and will use them again for sure!

Mr Bowyer- Watford
I can not speak highly enough about these guys... rewired our home with minimal disruption!


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Full Rewiring

At CG Contractors we understand that the electrics in a property can become old and items such as electrical sockets, fittings and appliances can become potentially dangerous.

Depending on the age and quality of the property, the rewiring could simply involve a few wires or it may be the full electrical network.

A full rewiring of the property maybe needed as some of the old wiring may not have the necessary safety features of more modern wiring and may need to be updated to comply with current regulations.

Therefore hiring the services of an experienced and professional electrical engineer can ensure the full rewire can be carried out safely and with minimal fuss and disruption. CG Contractors are highly qualified and have the necessary knowledge to do this type of electrical work.

A typical rewiring will involve replacing all electrical cables, fitting and distribution equipment. Cables can be hidden within the walls or in a mini trunking that is fitted onto the surface of the walls.

As members of the NICEIC you can be assured that all electrical work carried out will be completed professionally and in line with the latest health and safety guidelines.

Whether you have a home that needs old electrical fittings replacing or you have a commercial property that needs a full rewiring throughout the premises, contact CG Contractors now to discuss your needs.

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